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In a world overloaded with
messages, we use the power
of graphic design to help
our clients stand out.

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graphic design...

“…in order to succeed,
demands the clear thinking
of a particularly thoughtful
individual who can
orchestrate visual elements
so they add up to…” (cont.)

graphic design... (cont'd)

“…something distinctive,
or useful, or playful, or
surprising, or subversive
or somehow memorable!”

( Jessica Helfand, AIGA )


“The genius of seeing
that which is so evident
as to be unseeable.”

Daniel Quinn, 1999 )


Don’t think of PLAY
as an indulgence.
It may
 be the key
to your success.

( psychologytoday.com )


With Some


The answers to all our questions
are right in front of us, we just
cannot see them. This is because
we are usually looking in all the
wrong places.

thank you

We would like to thank
our clients for their trust
and belief in our vision.


A Saskatoon Graphic Design
and Strategic Marketing firm
founded by Giles Woodward,
that specializes in Business
Communication Services.


Logos, corporate identity, branding, annual reports, books, brochures, catalogs, posters, products & packaging, print, objects, environmental design, signs and websites.


We believe in working ‘with’
our clients not ‘for’ them.
Exceptional design is born
from good partnerships.


Our projects are approached
with true passion. You will not
be on this journey alone. We are
committed to an outcome that
we can all be proud of.


Designing is akin to good
detective work. The clues are
found, synergies are discovered
and the dots are connected.
Case solved!


Limitations are not seen
as a restriction, but rather
as a set of guidelines for
creative possibility.


Our approach is often cited as
whimsical & unconventional.
However, we believe that
emotional responses and
functional needs demand
equal consideration.

Tailor Made

Our solutions are unique to each
problem. They are born after
discovery, thorough analysis
and the understanding of each
project’s goals and objectives.


We feel a responsibility to maintain a careful balance within every project; respecting people, the planet and client profit.

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Studio Woodward
238 Stepney Cres.
Saskatoon, SK
S7T 0A1

(306) 341-1817

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We have been very successful
in winning design awards and
having our work published

Applied Arts

Applied Arts Magazine
2017 Community Annual
March/April 2017
Volume 32, Number 1
The Creative Frontier
Pages 28-37
ISSN 1196-1775


Honoured as exemplarily work by:
American Institute of Graphic Arts
2005 Year in Design 26
See the project online
in the AIGA Design Archives

Sandu publishing

Mini Graphics
Preface by Ian Lynam
(2010) ISBN 978-988-18544-7-6
Work featured on pages:
p64, p98, p120, p222, p312

Applied Arts Design Award

One of the industry’s most
prestigious recognitions of
creative excellence.
Applied Arts Magazine
Annual #86 (2002) p202, p203
Annual #109 (2006) p150
ISSN 1196-1775

Sandu Cultural Media

Asia Pacific Design #4 Book
(2009) ISBN 978-988-17472-9-7
Work featured on pages:
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p182, p183

Laurence King Publishing

Business Cards 3
Michael Dorrian & Liz Farrelly
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Work featured on pages:

Coupe Awards Annual

Coupe Magazine
# 10 (2003) Lubberland II
# 12 (2004) Wabi SabiSlowSpringHindsightBiennial ScamUntitled Art Society
# 14 (2005) Technologies of TendernessOff The Map
# 16 (2006) Hand Read


Effective Visual Communication
Carolyn Knight & Jessica Glaser
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Rockport Publishers

Bags, Labels & Point of Purchase
Jessica Glaser & Carolyn Knight
(2008) ISBN 978-2940361946
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Design & Advertising Awards
A showcase of the most

compelling design in the
province of Saskatchewan

2014 Best Advertising Campaign
2014 Best Design (Public Service)

How Books

Chen Design Associates
(2006) ISBN 978-1581808711
Work appears on page:

Graphex Design Competition

Celebrating the best of
visual communication in Canada.

Awarded by the GDC
2003 – Award of Merit p69p70
ISBN 0-9681124-4-1
2006 – Award of Merit p78
ISBN 0-9681124-1-2

Rockport Publishers

Layout Making It Fit
Carolyn Knight & Jessica Glaser
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Canadian Regional Design Awards
Design Edge Magazine

2015 Best of Region
2015 Best Campaign
2015 Best Advertising: Outdoor
2015 Best Stationery
2014 Best Advertising: Outdoor
2014 Best Print Design

Rotovision Publishers

Sticky Graphics
Carolyn Knight & Jessica Glaser
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Ad Rodeo, Anvil Awards

A celebration of creative excellence
in the city of Calgary

2001 Best Flyer
2002 Best Catalogue
2002 Best Craft, Art Direction
2005 Best Catalogue
2007 Best Catalogue
2011 Best Brochure/Catalogue